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About Me

Lorraine M. Ross CMMP LMT BCTMB “Lorrie”

I’m a licensed massage therapist and bodyworker practicing in southwest Florida. If your pain or immobility is preventing you from engaging in the activities that you love, I can help. 
Where do you have hurt? How can I help you?

Those are the questions that I will ask you. I sincerely want to know where your aches and pains are and how can I help improve your quality of life. My customized blend of massage/bodywork and intuition will address the key issues of tension and pain while relaxing the mind and body. In the last year I completed 120 hours for Medical Massage Certification. 48 Hours of Total Motion Release ©.  This work, massage and bodywork, is what I love to do. I am grateful for the opportunity to work one on one with clients in a safe and healing environment. Massage Therapy may be the treatment you need to reduce pain and increase range of movement. My goal: improve your quality of life. I can help get you back on the golf course, tennis court or playing with grandchildren.

National Board Certification in Massage and Bodywork, Therapeutic massage education, In-depth anatomy and physiology, Medical Massage, Bodywork, Massage for People Living with Cancer, Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports Massage, Hot Stone, Energy Healing Level 1, and Chair Massage. My previous position was lead Massage Therapist at a neuromuscular therapy center. If you are interested in Medical Massage and want to know more, I can explain the process and how it might apply to you.

When I’m not practicing bodywork, I love to play golf, do yoga, run, and ride my 30-year-old Trek bike (as old as my daughter, Jemma!) around Punta Gorda. I also volunteer with SMART Recovery as a facilitator, and enjoy making dinner with my husband and our 3 canine children, Clyde, Wings, and Buddy. 

Professional Licenses:

BCTMB# 571345-09
Florida License # MA67419
West Virginia License # 2009-2548
AMTA # 212659 and member FSMTA

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